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VIDEO: Back to the Basics – Shopping List/Coupons

Walgreens Hawaii Ad Matchups

Walgreens Hawaii Deals 07/27-08/02

Here are the top Walgreens Hawaii deals from the weekly ad valid 07/20-07/26. For a copy of Wag’s coupon policy click here. Don’t have a listed coupon? They can be ordered in 10pks on WizClipz for $1.00 ($0.50 flat shipping) or whole coupon inserts are available through Insert Insanity (free shipping). Walgreens IVC = Walgreens Instant Value Coupons, monthly store coupon book you Continue Reading …

Printable Coupons

Daily Printable Coupon Round Up

Coupons get added and restocked daily, so the best way to keep up with them is to provide you with a daily round up. Print and save! $1.00 off one Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kit   $1.50 off any one OxiClean™ Extreme Power Crystals   $1.00 off any (1) LISTERINE Antiseptic Mouthwash   $2.00 off any Yes Continue Reading …

Target Hawaii Ad Match Ups

Target Hawaii Deals 07/27-08/02

Here’s the top deals from the Target Hawaii Ad Match Ups 07/27-08/02. If you are looking for mainland coupons check out Insert Insanity (whole coupon inserts, free shipping) or Wiz Clipz (clipped coupons, $0.50 flat shipping). Other ways to save: Target Mobile coupons (for Android, iPhone, or iPad) Cartwheel = Latest way to save more. You can use (1) Cartwheel Continue Reading …



Sometimes It’s Not The Recipient – Pay It Forward

I think one of the biggest questions when helping others is “How do I know they’ll make it count?” Well, if you’ve been a Mom2Mom Inspired reader for awhile you know my answer. It’s not always the person receiving that gets rewarded. This week I had one of those moments that reminded me of just Continue Reading …

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Pay It Forward: School Lunch Fairy

Last month we had some awesome stories about Paying it Forward in our communities. It was a privilege to be a part of a group that believed so much in the challenge. It took some time to decide what I was going to do for my own challenge. A couple weeks ago Haylee, my daughter, Continue Reading …

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward Lopez Style

For Pay It Forward day, my family hit Target. We purchased 6 gift cards (3 – $5, 3 – $6). I used the money that was supposed to go into my Christmas savings. We walked through the store to find people to share out cards with. I went first. I saw a girl in the Continue Reading …

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Creative Finances

Capital One 360

Enjoy fireworks and sparkling cash bonuses

360 Savings®: Grab $76 when you open a 360 Savings® account. This has to be the primary account holder’s first 360 Savings account and it needs a $500 minimum deposit. The bonus starts earning interest on day 1, but you can’t take it out for at Continue Reading …

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VIDEO: Back to the Basics – Shopping List/Coupons

Continue Reading …

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Organize Me

Freeze Space Saver 2

Freezer Space Saving Idea

  Simple Space Saving Idea I usually clear out my freezer weekly for a couple reasons: 1) double check stock 2) clean and organize. As the products in larger boxes start depleting, I transfer items into freezer bags to cut the amount of room Continue Reading …


Organizing With LivingTree

Are you looking for a way to organize social groups without using the traditional social media platforms? There have been times that I've thought about creating a Facebook group for my daughter's sports teams or class parents, but I was never Continue Reading …

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DIY Ideas

Shutterfly Photo Book

Shutterfly Father’s Day Promotions

I think some of the best presents are personalized. We loved our photo book celebrating our newest addition, Hayden. There’s an upcoming One-Day Photo Book SUPER SALE! (Promo code YAYBOOK . 6/3) If you want to start shopping now though, take advantage of the current promo where all customers get 20% off their order with promo code Continue Reading …

Inspired by Pinterest

Inspired by Pinterest: Personalized Journal

From time to time I actually get bit by the DIY/Crafting bug and attempt to make something inspired by Pinterest. Well, this Teacher Appreciation Week happened to fall right into one of those moments. Pin by pin I pondered which project we would attempt, we finally decided on a personalized journal. After I placed all the Continue Reading …

Make Your Own Detangler

Make Your Own Detangler Spray

Sometimes all the products we use add up in cost, so why not make some items work double time. I used to buy detangler spray for my daughter because of all of this hair, but realized we could just make our own. Plus it’s fun! All you need is a spray bottle, your favorite conditioner, Continue Reading …

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Random Stories

Coupon Clipping Service

A funny coupon swap…

I’m probably showing my age a bit, but when I think of coupon swaps I always picture this scene from the movie Mr. Mom. I’ll raise you… Have fun at yours HPK Couponers!

A Revelation

Just A Little Eye Opener…

Today I broke from my usual schedule because I had a dentist appointment. I didn’t imagine I would suddenly be faced with one of those life changing questions we often ask ourselves. If today was your last day on Earth… I was driving on a major highway when an oblivious driver merged right into me. Continue Reading …

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