The Basics: Store vs Manufacturer Coupons

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What is a store coupon?

A store coupon is one that is issued by a specific store for use only in their establishment. It usually clearly states “Store Coupon.” The redemption instructions on the coupon do not include a remittance address since the store is the one issuing the credit to the item being purchased.

What is a manufacturer coupon?

A manufacturer coupon is issued by the product manufacturer. It will clearly state “Manufacturer Coupon” somewhere on the top portion of the coupon itself. These coupons whether printed from the internet or distributed via coupon inserts, will have a redemption address for the retailer to submit for reimbursement.

What do mean by “stacking” a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon?

Stacking is when you use one (1) store coupon with one (1) manufacturer coupon on a single item. This is possible because it is two (2) separate funding sources. So using a one of each is acceptable during your checkout process.

It says “not valid with any other offers” can I still “stack”?

Yes, you can. This restriction is in regards to any other offers from the same source. So you can’t use more than one (1) manufacturer coupon on a single item, just as you wouldn’t be able to use more than one (1) store coupon on a single item.

Think of it in terms of using a coupon on a clearance item. If the restriction was a blanket exclusion than you could only use coupons on full priced items, because some would view a sale price as another offer. But, luckily for the consumer this is not the case. It is just restricting the use of duplicate or similar coupons from the same issuer.

Where do I find store coupons?

Store coupons are usually located in the retailer’s sales advertisement. Safeway frequently prints their store coupons in their weekly ad.

Retailer’s websites are also a great place to find them. has store coupons that you can print directly of their site.

Walgreen’s has a monthly booklet filled with store coupons that they call “Instant Value Coupons” (IVC). These are great stacked with manufacturer coupons and weekly sale promotions.



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This post may contain affiliate links. Review my Disclosure Policy for more information.  

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